• Aeration

  • Mulch | Compost | Bark

  • Fertilization

  • Gardening | Weeding

  • Sprinkler Repair | Blow-outs

  • Tree Care (Certified Arborist)

  • Pruning | Shaping

  • Debris Removal

  • Personal Gardening

  • Mowing | Trimming

| The Care |

Are your Magnolia grandiflora seed pods in good hands?

We know here at Willowglenn that this is a question that keeps many people up at night. You are not alone.

Your plants and trees work very hard, twenty-four hours per day three-hundred-and-sixty-five days per year at ...

... being your landscape.

When is the last time you gave them a day off to go get trimmed and manicured?

The solution?  We bring the spa to directly to them.  We offer personalized services for all of divas and wallflowers in your yard.  Spoil your landscape with weekly mowing and trimming andfine gardening services.  Seasonal pruning, a clean-up or regular fertilization could be just what the doctor ordered to leave your landscape feeling revitalized and ready to flaunt some serious curb appeal.

Caring for your landscape properly is the last and possibly most important part of our integrated approach.  Reward your loyal shrubs and trees with the regular attention they deserve and ensure that your home’s outside remains as inviting as the inside.