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Our success as a boutique firm has proven that there is an established, growing interest in an unconventional approach to landscape.

We are not different for different's sake. We are simply always searching for uncommon and original ideas.

We have been providing landscaping services to Treasure Valley communities since there were more tractors than cars on Eagle Road. We've developed an integrated approach that provides a seamless connection between the concept, creation and care of your landscape.

We reuse, recycle and promote a system of landscape maintenance that does not rely on chemicals to thrive. We have a vested interest in fostering the development of an ecological balance in the landscapes we install and care for – one that is safe for the plants, animals and beneficial insects that call your Treasure Valley garden “home” -- because we live here too!

Keep an eye on our blog and, if you have any questions or just want to chat up a plant nerd, drop us a line.