| The Concept |

Who the heck are we?  Well, we’re just like you really. Take this morning for example.  Remember when you bolted out of bed and ran half asleep down the hallway to your studio so that you could jot down that ingenious idea you just had?  

Wait … that doesn’t happen to you?

Well, if you want in on some of that (the ideas - not the rude awakening) you’ve found a partner in Willowglenn.  You aren't boring. Your landscape shouldn't be boring, either.

We jot designs on napkins.  We tattoo designs on our palm.

We scribble designs on the back of receipts. We sketch designs on envelopes, labels and Post-Its.

We trace designs on foggy mirrors, dusty shelves and sandy shores.

We’ve spent more than 20 years combining artistic skill and advanced horticultural knowledge assessing plants and trees for the form, texture and line they bring to a garden.  We meet our ultimate goal each time we create a sense of complete unity between the plantings and the other elements of a landscape including … most importantly… the people who will be enjoying it.

Can we come over and play?  (You might want to hide your Post-Its.)