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| The Creation |

It's no secret.  We love to eat.

When we aren't landscaping we're cooking.

Perfect recipes succeed at balancing bitter, sweet, salty, sour and umami.

Perfect landscapes succeed at balancing wood, stone, plants, water, and trees.

A balanced recipe is the first step toward cooking a perfect dish but it's not enough.  It will fail if the chef is lacking the culinary skill to create it. 

Few people realize that poorly executed landscaping plans can have tragic results in the garden. For example, much of the beauty of a landscape can be credited to its trees, yet all it takes is one well-intentioned landscaper or homeowner installing decking, rocks or concrete in the wrong place to trigger their slow decline and an early death.

A landscape without trees is a tragedy.  It's akin to leaving the salt out of a dish ... don't you think?

We have a certified arborist on staff and the skill to create and install unifying landscape designs while keeping the health and longevity of your trees a priority. No one knows better than you do the structural interest your trees provide in the winter and the way they welcome you beneath them with their cool shade in the summer. They are vital to the beauty of your garden. No amount of money can replace a lovely, mature tree. Only time.

The bottom line is ... we care.  It's simple. If your goal is 'gourmet'  - you hire a professional.  Don't let someone put ketchup on your sashimi. 

What flavors is your landscape missing?