Vertical garden construction at OEC

Our latest vertical gardening project is for OEC, a Boise company committed to creating dynamic, innovative and effective work spaces. Here's a mockup of how the two sided vg will look mounted to their entry desk partition:

This is the first entry of two that will photo-document the entire construction process.

Step One: Cut mineral wool batts for the 28 square foot, two sided vg

Step Two: Drill the bracket that will be used to attach the vg to the 5x5 partition post

Step Three: Attach the bracket to the 7/16 OSB vg armature

Step Four: trim bracket bolts

Step Five: Attach waterproofing vapor barrier to OSB

Step Six: Drill for 5/16 double sided mounting screws

Step Seven: Attach bolts, carriage washers and nuts

Step Ten: Carve out inclined planting chambers

Step Eleven:  Fabricate 109 emitter T's

Step Twelve: Sharpen goof plug at the base of each emitter T

Step Thirteen:  Plunge emitters into the mineral wool batts above each planting chamber

Step Fourteen: Attach transfer tubing

Step Fifteen:  Insulative Mineral Wool insulation to the attic!

Step Sixteen: Use wood glue and loose mineral wool to seal seams between batts

Step Seventeen:  Use hot glue gun to seal emitters

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