The ruins of a 500 year old kiva was recently unearthed in the Boise foothills...

OK, well maybe not, but that's the feel we're going for on a new landscape construction project in the El Paseo Subdivision on the west side of Warm Springs Mesa.

Granted, the Pueblo culture didn't make it up anywhere near Idaho, but it's interesting to think how they would have used our local rock in their distinctive architectural style.

It wouldn't be the first time I've looked to the southwest for inspiration in our hardscape construction.

Four Corners region

Highlands in Boise

The Boise foothills is full of its own history though- this home is being built within a stone's throw of  Trail #14, which runs along the course of a tram that was once used at the Table Rock quarry. You can still see some of the dry stacked sandstone walls that were built over a 100 years ago.