Boise Right-of-Way Pruning

The City of Boise requires a special license in addition to ISA Arborist certification for any tree trimming in Boise Right-of-Ways. A few of our clients have recently asked for pruning in these areas so I met with Boise City Arborist Dennis Matlock today in order to be evaluated and licensed.

We met at a property a couple blocks north of Warm Springs with an approximately 40 year old maple that needed some basic maintenance pruning.

After roping in, my first target was the  removal of the many dead branches in the canopy.

The second priority was the removal of crossing subordinate limbs that were wounding major scaffold branches. 

Roped into a high branch in the canopy, I also found and removed several large broken off branches or "hangers" that had been hovering over parked cars

I wrapped up the work by removing epicormic sprouting caused by earlier road clearance pruning. A few weeks ago I wrote about the need to watch for this kind of follow up pruning.

All cleaned up!

A big thanks to Dennis for sticking it out when the snow started coming down hard midway through the evaluation. I'd highly recommend attending his pruning class at the Boise Public Library March 13; a presentation that will include detailed photos documenting the pruning response of Boise trees over the last 20 years 

"All About Trees" free classes begin Feb. 27. Go here for class details.